Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Decision to Adopt

We knew we always wanted to have more children and the old natural way (meds and IUI treatments) didn't work the second time and we did not want to go any further with infertility treatments and we were not disappointed (this time around, but years prior it was very hard) because we knew there was another way to grow our family and that was through adoption.  My husband and I had the apps and looked at different agencies through the years and this last time back in Feb 2011 we had started it again.  This time we or I was more serious about finding the right agency and we kept going back to the one we had first looked at several years earlier and that is America World Adoption Association.  We finally decided on them mainly because they are a Christian based company, great customer service and then the reviews were fantastic and we felt it was the right fit for us.  The only thing was the money-where were we ever going to come up with $30-$35,000.  It is the main reason we had never moved forward before and it was stopping me because of the anxiety that I felt even just talking about i was very overwhelming.  So, one day my husband told me send in the application and there was me, but what about the $$$ where is that going to come from and then he said it- You are not having faith in God to provide if this is what He wants for us He will provide and show us the way.  Talk about a gut check and actually more of a heart/faith check, he was right.  My lack of faith in God (really Cindy, doubting God) has held us back from growing our family for way too long and I am forever thankful for my hubby calling me out on it and who better to hold a mirror in front of you besides the person God has put by your side and the one to lead our family.  So, that night we filled out the application online and sent the application fee and so our journey began....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A little about us

We are the Montoya Family and Matt and I have been married for 14 years and we are the proud parents to Isabella.  We have always desired to have a family and after 8 1/2 years of trying we became pregnant with our daughter and we have been so blessed by her in our lives.  We are continually grateful for this precious gift from God.  Although we are extremely happy with our family we have always wanted to have more children and we didn't care whether or not they are biological or born to us through adoption.  So, after a few years of trying and looking at adoption agencies we took a leap of faith and applied to our adoption agency and we were accepted to begin the process of adoption.  We were excited, but overwhelmed (especially me) with the financial aspect of the adoption.  But through taking the step of faith and trusting in God to provide we have been walking through this process.  Though there are times when we get weary He is always there to pick us up to guide and direct us on the path we need to go.  We have been so blessed thus far and can not wait to see how He continues to nourish and grow us deeper in our faith with Him through this season in our life!