Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Alive!!!

Today as we should everyday we celebrate our Risen Savior!  Church service was so amazing today and all the songs the choir sang was amazing and soul searching!  The Pastor delivered a wonderful to the point message about what we should be living for each and everyday of the year and for those who are only going to church on the holiday's, well that is simply not enough nor are you living a life for a savior who should be living and dwelling inside of you!  I have a friend who used the term CEO christians which means Christmas, Easter and Other holidays Christian.  It is very sad to only acknowledge our Lord on those holidays because He lives and breathes inside of us each and everyday and if He isn't then we need to be soul searching so we are His hands and feet here on this earth until we are living eternally with Him!!!  I use to go to church on those holidays or most of them at least and I would pray when "I" needed Him to do what" I "needed to done or to help "me" through the day.  Do you see what "I" was focusing on- ME and that is not what being a Christian is about or should be about.  We should live and work for our Savior-being his hands and feet-teaching others about Christ and serving other's for Christ and taking care of the least of these.   40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’  Matthew 25:40 NIV    We will be face to face with God one day and I want Him to say those words to me!  I need to be doing more and God is calling me to do something and I am still not completely sure what it is, so until He reveals that too me-I will be praying and working for Him. 

Through this adoption process our Lord has been so gracious to show me how much we are "not" doing to help the least of these.  We get so comfy cozy in our own little world and what we "have" that we forget to have the spirtual wealth we so desperatly need.  I read those words in a book "Kisses from Katie".  A great book which is helping me see more and more what we allow to get in the way of hearing God and being obedient to Him because our material wealth makes our ears and hearts more deaf so we do not hear God when He is speaking.  We are commanded to take care of those in need and yet we don't, why?  I know me and my family have just been too selfish and our needs seem to come before those who truly desperately need help and I think by paying our tithe at church is enough and yet it is not (or at least this is what God is pressing on my heart).  We should tithe and we need to tithe and I am grateful to give to God to help the gospel being spread, but I need to do something more and what that is at this very moment-I do not know, but I am preparing my body to listen to my Lord and awaiting the answer He is going to give me.  So as we continue to wait for His answer and  for our  precious child we will prepare our hearts and wait upon the Lord for His guidance in our lives.  We can not wait to hold our little one and to teach them more about our Lord-the one who loves them so much that He held them in the time of waiting for us as He is holding us and we will be forever changed through this process and I pray we can be the hands and feet of the Lord so that other's may know Him and follow Him and grow in Him each and everyday not just on the days we as human's deem the "most" important-everyday is important in working for the Lord!  May we all truly know that He is Alive!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

What we have been up to....

Again, I lag in the time between post, but not much is happening.  We have been enjoying the spring weather!  It is so great to see how God has designed the season's right off of a brown dead winter time to seeing the new life grow on the trees, grass and flowers!!!  It is always refreshing and amazing to see how God has orchestrated every single tree bloom, flower petal-I can get lost in the details and am always in awe of His creation.  To just think that he designed all of this for us and that we are His prize creation!!!  Gives me God bumps, as my sister calls them!!!  God has been working in our lives as well with our adoption.  We are now at 6 months into our wait and a long wait is still ahead of us, but in this time of waiting He continues to work in and on our hearts for the orphan and the widowed.  We are called to take care of them and I am waiting for His instruction to see which avenue He wants us to go down.  He moves my heart in so many ways with the information He is allowing me to see and I am ready to see where He takes us.  He has also been working on our hearts to change or increase our adoption request and we are currently working on that as well.  It is amazing, even though we or I may be scared, He gives us the information we need to calm our spirit and to trust in Him.  My husband is a constant and such a strong man and is willing to do whatever God wants, it is me He is constantly pursuring to just give in and to trust His perfect plan for us and so I am taking another step of faith in God's provision to provide for our family and since I have said "yes, Lord" I feel so at peace.  I love when I feel that amazing peace that can come from no where else but our God.  It takes all the stress away and tension away better than a wonderful massage!  :)  Our God is an awesome God and He reigns!!!  We continue to seek His guidance in and for our family and I pray you do too!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Way too long

First off, I apologize for not posting in such a long time.  It has been busy and I just haven't made posting on here a priority.  On our adoption front we are now almost 5 months waiting and at times it doesn't seem like it has been 5 months and other times it does.  I know we are ready to have our child in our home and being a part of of family on a daily basis.  We pray for them all the time and pray God is holding them through this until we can all be together and He holds us as a family!  I just love that thought!!!  There has been some movement over in Ethiopia with other families getting referrals, court dates, being submitted to Embassy and being cleared by Embassy and bringing their children home.  It is so awesome to see the emails on those embassy clearances because it means another child is joined with their forever family and they are making their way back to their home TOGETHER!  I just love that news and I can't wait until that is our news and we never have to be seperated again! 

On to what has been in my heart:

Enjoying this Moment in your Life
Life is so short and we never know how long we will have each other, so cherish THIS day with your husband, children and other loved ones because only God knows what tomorrow will bring!  I pray that I do that each day and not get bogged down with all the have too's of the day.  Take that time when your husband calls to focus on him or when your child says let's play hide-n-seek-just do it.  House cleaning, chores etc can usually wait so you can make a sweet memory with you loved one.  I am writing this because just last week a friend of mine's brother lost their baby before he was born and it shakes you and it can destroy you if you do not have God as your center.  It also makes me think of all of the orphans-some are orphans because they are just given up, but others are orphans from poverty, disease, terminal illness and I know it has to break those momma's hearts to give their children up because they can no longer take care of them and don't you think they relish those last goodbye's, last kisses, last hugs and hang on to those memories for the rest of their lives.  I am forever grateful to those women and men who make this difficult choice for their children.  So whether a sweet precious life is way too short or they are givin up for adoption we must relish in each sweet precious day with our loved ones because you will never get this day back!!! 

I thank God for His loving grace that is there for all of us, if we chose to take Him into our hearts!  I pray God is leading you in your walk in this life and I pray you are enjoying and making memories in the journey He has you on at this moment in your life!!!