Sunday, April 1, 2012

What we have been up to....

Again, I lag in the time between post, but not much is happening.  We have been enjoying the spring weather!  It is so great to see how God has designed the season's right off of a brown dead winter time to seeing the new life grow on the trees, grass and flowers!!!  It is always refreshing and amazing to see how God has orchestrated every single tree bloom, flower petal-I can get lost in the details and am always in awe of His creation.  To just think that he designed all of this for us and that we are His prize creation!!!  Gives me God bumps, as my sister calls them!!!  God has been working in our lives as well with our adoption.  We are now at 6 months into our wait and a long wait is still ahead of us, but in this time of waiting He continues to work in and on our hearts for the orphan and the widowed.  We are called to take care of them and I am waiting for His instruction to see which avenue He wants us to go down.  He moves my heart in so many ways with the information He is allowing me to see and I am ready to see where He takes us.  He has also been working on our hearts to change or increase our adoption request and we are currently working on that as well.  It is amazing, even though we or I may be scared, He gives us the information we need to calm our spirit and to trust in Him.  My husband is a constant and such a strong man and is willing to do whatever God wants, it is me He is constantly pursuring to just give in and to trust His perfect plan for us and so I am taking another step of faith in God's provision to provide for our family and since I have said "yes, Lord" I feel so at peace.  I love when I feel that amazing peace that can come from no where else but our God.  It takes all the stress away and tension away better than a wonderful massage!  :)  Our God is an awesome God and He reigns!!!  We continue to seek His guidance in and for our family and I pray you do too!!!!

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