Monday, November 14, 2011

Current Fundraising Efforts

Well I will be going to another craft show this weekend with my sister and I will be selling those cute hats with bling on them, you know everyone needs one or two :)!!!  They sold great at the last craft show I did a couple of weeks ago which we also sold some beef jerky which went pretty well and we still have a little bit left so if you would like any-just let us know and Isabella had her cocoa stand which did awesome!!!  She is so funny and quite the little salesperson.  She would call to people when they would walk by saying "Cocoa here-it will make you warm inside".  She is so beautiful to help raise money to bring her brother or sister home and she can't wait!  She had a lemonade stand in the summer and we are thankful to all who came out to support her efforts!  I love how she comes up with the ideas to raise money and it is so precious that God gave her a heart of compassion!  We appreciate all of your support and we greatly appreciate your prayers-we could not do this without them!!!   Also we just started our T-Shirt shoppe through Adoption Bug and there are some great designs on there, so please take a look and pass along the info to you family and friends and Christmas is right around the corner!!!  wink, wink  :)

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