Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday, Monday

Monday's are always such a hard day.  Trying to get back into the rhythm of the week.  Why is it so hard to get out of bed?  Maybe because we enjoyed just having family time together and hate to get back to the day ins and outs of what we do each day.  Oh well, it is here so we will conquer it with everything that we have and look at it as a new beginning to a week that awaits us! 

Not a lot going on on the adoption front since we are in the waiting stage, but I did finish up my Hep B series of shots last week and today I got my tetanus and then over the next few months we will all get our yellow fever, typhoid and menigitis and then I still need to get my polio and then I will be done besides finishing up my Hep A series in Feb.  Isabella hates getting shots and she gets so anxious about it-it is hard for a momma to see her child so nervous about something that you wish you could just get double and they would be protected.  So, daddy will be going with us to help out a little.  Good ole' daddy to the rescue- although I think it may be a little harder on him seeing his baby girl so upset, but we will get through it because it is for a great cause to give Isabella a little brother or sister that we all so desperatly want!!!  Anyways, I am off to fold the mounds of laundry my hubby did yesterday, thank you sweetie for you help, and then off to pick Isabella up from school!  I pray you all have a great day and enjoy this first day of the week because you never know what tomorrow will bring!  :)

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